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A second chance at life

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Women of Worth changed Heather Braun’s life five years ago.

In 2018, Heather overdosed and woke up at Ascension All Saints Hospital in Racine after struggling with addiction for nearly 10 years. While Heather was at the hospital it was discovered that — unbeknownst to her — she was pregnant. While Heather admitted she was battling an addiction, she struggled with accepting help.

“While I was in detox, somebody came to talk to me about Women of Worth,” Heather said. “At that point in time, I simply just didn’t care to hear about the program.”

After Heather was discharged from the hospital, Women of Worth (WOW) program coordinators didn’t give up. After about a month of friendly outreach, Heather decided to give the program a chance. That chance, said Heather, changed her life.

“I joined the program just so I could get it out of the way and by the end of the first week I was already loving it,” she said. “The providers met me where I was at and it wasn’t like other treatment programs. Everybody treated me with such respect even though I was sick. They had respect the entire time and I finally felt like there were people that believed in me.”

Women of Worth is a substance use and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment program. Since 2014, this program has helped nearly 300 women on their journey to sobriety and a healthy, sustainable life. WOW is made possible through the generosity of local donors to Ascension All Saints Hospital Foundation. Thanks to Women of Worth, nearly 20 babies have been born substance free.

Women of Worth uses a unique approach to treating addiction. The program works with participants five days a week and utilizes group and individual therapy, yoga, meditation, education and connecting participants to the resources that they need. Most importantly, the program allows women to feel safe and heard while understanding their worth.

“The Women of Worth Program provides an innovative treatment option for women suffering from alcohol and substance use disorders,” said Dr. David Galbis-Reig, Medical Director for Addiction Services at Ascension All Saints Hospital. “ It is a program like no other that takes into account and incorporates treatment for the unique needs of women in recovery.”

Thanks to Women of Worth, Heather will be five years sober in just a few short months and has been able to live a truly fulfilling life. On her four-year sobriety anniversary last year, Heather won the Wisconsin state powerlifting championship. Now as she approaches her five year anniversary, there’s no telling what she will accomplish.

“I am now five years sober. That’s insane, I’ve never been able to say that,” Heather said. “Women of Worth made me feel accepted and safe and I am forever grateful for that.”

Watch Heather addiction and recover story at this link.

This life saving program is made possible because of the generous support of donors to our Foundation. To make a gift to Women of Worth, we invite you to click this link. Thank you.


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