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Behavioral health

Ascension Wisconsin provides personalized, compassionate treatment programs to help those with behavioral and mental health needs. By investing in our addiction, behavioral services and mental health units, you directly contribute to the enhancement of resources, advancement of treatments and implementation of evidence-based practices. We address the whole person from physical health and well-being to mental and emotional health with dignity and respect.

Cancer care

At Ascension Wisconsin, we understand that cancer is personal, so is the way we treat it. With support of individuals like you, we stand by their side from the very moment of diagnosis, providing compassionate care and guidance through every phase of their path toward survivorship.

Consistently recognized for high-quality care, Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Care reduces the burden of cancer on you, your loved ones and our community through the Cancer Prevention and Wellness program. 

The Cancer Prevention and Wellness program at Ascension Wisconsin provides individual risk assessments and care to those who are at high risk for developing cancer. Through this program, targeted screenings, lifestyle modifications and ongoing follow-up care is provided. Our care team will provide a personalized wellness plan, including strategies to reduce the risk of developing cancer and improve overall health.

Community clinics and programs

Through your generous support, Ascension Wisconsin Foundation has the capacity to fund crucial community programs and clinics that have a direct impact on saving lives. These programs encompass a wide range of essential services, including charity care, outreach initiatives, educational programs and interventions designed to eliminate barriers to accessing healthcare.

Our community benefit programs strive to provide effective and respectful care to those who may otherwise face obstacles in accessing essential healthcare services. With your support, we can extend our reach to vulnerable populations, providing them the vital care they need to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Heart care

Heart health is critical to well-being at every stage of life, yet heart disease remains the leading cause of death. Your support empowers us to make a tangible difference and provide leading heart care, close to home, for individuals affected by cardiovascular conditions.

Patient assistance

Living true to our Mission, we strive to provide care to and help those who are most vulnerable in our communities. Thanks to you, we are able to help Ascension Wisconsin patients that may be experiencing difficult financial times. You make it possible for our patients to get to appointments through gas gift cards or rideshare services, receive necessary treatments and medications, have a roof over their head and food on their tables.

Technology and innovation

Ascension Wisconsin is leading the way in providing state-of-the-art, advanced care. With your support, we are making it possible for patients our communities to receive personalized, compassionate care close to home.


We are proud to support Ascension Wisconsin as health care continues to advance. Your support has made it possible to fund innovative equipment and technology in areas such as behavioral health, Cancer Care, intensive care units and more.

Women and family health

Ensuring the well-being of mothers and their children is a priority. With your invaluable support, we are dedicated to providing care that promotes the health of women, while also equipping their babies with everything they need for a healthy start in life.

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