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Making a difference close to home

Ascension Wisconsin Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our local communities. Thanks to donor support we are able to fund Ascension Wisconsin community clinics and programs, extending a helping hand to those that are most vulnerable. 

Angel of Hope

Angel of Hope Clinic provides individuals and families access to quality primary care in Milwaukee’s near south side, with a focus on people in poverty, homeless, and/or undocumented persons.

Family medicine physicians and advanced nurse practitioners provide services such as asthma maintenance, diabetes or high blood pressure management, immunizations and medications, and preventive healthcare screenings.


This clinic is located in Milwaukee. This clinic is generously supported by The Catholic Community Foundation.

Ascension Ebenezer Health Resource Center

The goal of Ebenezer Resources Center and Food Pantry is to improve healthcare access, health education, health screenings and increase food security for vulnerable and at-risk individuals. The pantry has touched members of the community in meaningful ways, bringing together other community partners who share the same goal. The Resource Center also provides health screenings focus on prevention of diabetes, management of high blood pressure and referral to primary care, cooking demonstrations, face masks, navigation to other community resources and connections to Ascension wellness programs.

The Health Resource Center is located in Milwaukee.

Ascension Seton Dental

Ascension Seton Dental Urgent Care Clinics provide access to critical and urgent care dental services to those living in poverty. The clinics provide care to Medicaid and uninsured patients, ensuring that everybody in our local communities can access quality care at all times.

Ascension Seton Dental also utilizes a mobile dental clinic with two portable dental chairs, providing urgent dental services to children and adults in our communities.

ascension seton.JPG

Ascension Seton Dental is available in St. Francis and the mobile unit travels throughout Milwaukee County.

This clinic is generously supported by The Catholic Community Foundation.

Blanket of Love

Blanket of Love is a social-support program that helps expectant mothers and families from pregnancy to their baby's first birthday. This program serves vulnerable and at-risk pregnant women needing a network of social support and resources to achieve healthy birth outcomes. Ascension Wisconsin providers connect new and expectant mothers to resources for both mom and baby.

This program is available in Milwaukee County and Racine.

Rise Up

Rise Up is a support program for single parents or caregivers who are interested in pursuing careers in healthcare or adjacent roles at Ascension All Saints Hospital. Program participants are empowered through group learning experiences, job shadowing, one-on-one coaching and financial wellness support.

"Rise Up really got me moving to improve my skills so I could make a change. If you're looking to make a change, do it." — Barbara, Rise Up program participant.

This program is available in Racine.

Safe Place for Newborns

Safe Place for Newborns is a non-profit organization supported by Ascension Wisconsin Foundation that works to provide education and awareness about the Safe Haven Law in Wisconsin. The Safe Haven Law allows parents to surrender a newborn up to 72 hours old to any hospital or police or fire station with no questions asked. The program coordinator provides education to organizations at no cost and support to new or expectant mothers.

This program is available throughout the state of Wisconsin. 

This clinic is generously supported by The Catholic Community Foundation.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) provide comfort, hope and healing for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking and elder abuse. Nurses use forensic technology to help collect information from patients and provide an added sense of comfort and safety. Nurses travel between 10 Ascension Wisconsin sites in Milwaukee and Racine Counties on a daily basis and see nearly 400 patients a year. 

This program is available in Milwaukee and Racine Counties.

Smart Smiles

Smart Smiles specializes in preventive oral health care of children from birth through adolescence. Dental professionals provide oral health education, oral screening, monitoring of baby teeth, fluoride treatments, placement of sealants and referrals for urgent oral health care needs in the school setting. The program utilizes both a mobile and permanent setting for schools in Milwaukee and Racine counties.

This program is available in Milwaukee and Racine Counties.

The Smart Smiles expansion to Racine was made possible thanks to generous support from the Racine Community Foundation.

St. Ben's Clinic

St. Ben’s Clinic is committed to providing respectful, comprehensive health services to adults who experience barriers in traditional healthcare settings such as those struggling with homelessness. This care specializes in developing a relationship with patients through respect and understanding to overcome traditional barriers to medical care.

mp photo 2.JPG

This clinic is located in Milwaukee.

This clinic is generously supported by The Catholic Community Foundation.

Under 8

Under 8 serves as a diabetes support group with the goal of lowering participants A1C to under eight. The program provides individuals with education, resources and a safe place to share their feelings. Participants receive screenings, healthy food and education from providers and guest speakers.

"From the day I started Under 8, I felt love. I felt the support. The mental and emotional support from the group gave me strength, and I knew I was going to be ok." — Shelly, Under 8 program participant.

This program is available in Milwaukee County.

Women of Worth

Women of Worth (WOW) helps women on the path to sobriety. The program is a substance use and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment program, addressing both the mind and body. WOW incorporates trauma coping and treatment, parental skill building, vocational and educational needs, physical health and legal assistance.

This program is available in Racine.

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