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  • Sarah Waara

Riley Construction: Supporting the foundation of healthcare

Riley Construction has played a pivotal role in building the foundation of numerous sites across Ascension Wisconsin, but their support goes much further than the physical structure of our hospitals — it makes quality care possible for every patient.

The company, based out of Kenosha, has done much more than build our sites — they give back through supporting Ascension Wisconsin Foundation. Giving back, says Riley Construction President Ben Kossow, is at the core of what the organization does.

“It’s nice to have a purpose outside of what we primarily do, which is building. One of the most impactful things we do is giving back to healthcare because we’re building facilities for our communities, and we’re taking that even further to make a larger impact.” Ben said.

Aerial view of Ascension All Saints after Riley finished the Women's Pavilion and first started the Cardiovascular building. Taken in 2003.

Riley Construction has donated time and manpower for projects like the addition of the cancer center at Ascension All Saints Hospital in Racine. The organization also gives back monetarily, sponsoring numerous Ascension Wisconsin Foundation events with proceeds going directly to areas of care such as cancer and neurology.

Internal support

While Riley Construction recognizes the incredible benefit of supporting our local communities, they also value the great need to support their people through the use of Ascension Wisconsin Employer Solutions.

Riley Construction partners with Ascension Wisconsin Employer Solutions to bring wellness programs to their organization. Employees and their families have access to health coaching and an interactive wellness portal that truly offers them ways to make lifestyle modifications for their total well-being. Riley understands that investing in wellness programs for their employees’ wellness leads to a more productive, engaged workforce.

“It’s a really great service, whether it be having people come in to give flu shots or even just talk with our employees,” Ben said. 

A full circle moment

Partnership with Ascension Wisconsin is something that has come full circle, Ben says. Ben was born at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital, and his career with Riley began 23 years ago based out of the current Ascension All Saints Hospital. 

“Giving back just makes sense, whether it’s with our hands or through other means of support,” Ben said. “I find it's important to me to support Ascension Wisconsin, maybe it’s because I was born at Ascension St. Joseph. I’m excited to see where things go. I believe in Ascension, and we are grateful for the partnership and difference that we can make for our communities.”



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