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Providing heart care close to home

Updated: Feb 26

When Rodney started his heart journey eight years ago and struggled to find out why he consistently had irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath, he sought help close to home at Ascension Calumet Hospital.

After going to the emergency department (ED) at Ascension Calumet, Rodney was referred to a cardiologist at Ascension NE Wisconsin - St. Elizabeth Campus. Medications were prescribed  to slow down his heart rate, but Rodney still experienced irregular heartbeats. It was decided to perform a catheterization to see what was happening in his heart and Rodney received a stent.

After this procedure, Rodney completed two phases of cardiac rehabilitation followed by regular maintenance appointments at Ascension Calumet.

A new concern

In October 2019, Rodney was very sick and unconscious for 12 hours before he was found and rushed by ambulance to the ED at Ascension Calumet to stabilize him. He was then transported to Ascension Mercy in Oshkosh because of ICU availability and he needed dialysis due to kidney failure. He stayed there three weeks before being released to a residential facility for five weeks to focus on rehab for his arm and left hand paralyzation. 

In March 2022, his physician referred Rodney to the Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin. Rodney underwent an ablation procedure before receiving a pacemaker in November 2022.   

“What is so great about Ascension, is that my doctor from the Heart Institute could come right to Ascension St. Elizabeth to do my surgery. And my doctors from Ascension St. Elizabeth come here weekly to Calumet. It’s so convenient to have this kind of system that meets patients where they are,” Rodney said.

Early in 2023, Rodney’s cardiologist referred him to do pulmonary evaluation at Ascension St. Elizabeth and see a pulmonary specialist. He uses inhalers and did pulmonary rehabilitation at Ascension Calumet.

“I have nothing but good things to say about my Ascension providers. When they ask about how you are doing or how you feel, they really mean it and listen,” said Rodney.

Rodney lives 1.5 miles away from Ascension Calumet Hospital and has lived in Chilton for 55 years. He owned a car wash and filling station which he sold 10 years ago. He enjoys bowling twice a week and playing dart ball for his church league.

“The care at Ascension cannot be beat. All the nurses and docs are so nice. The folks in rehab that I see twice a week are interested in my well being and taking good care of me. The hospital in Chilton is so close and convenient and the ambulance can be here within a couple of minutes. It’s so reassuring that they are close by,” Rodney said.



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