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Personalized, compassionate heart care: Joy's story

When Joy first realized she was having a heart attack, she was weeding in the garden and became very warm. Nothing seemed to cool her down or help her relax. She knew deep inside something was very wrong so she called 911.

Joy was rushed to Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus where she received a heart stent and later had open heart surgery due to her severe heart disease. Joy described the care she received when she first arrived at Ascension Mercy as calming.

“The care I received was wonderful,” Joy said. “They were so calm and I didn’t feel frightened any more. I put all my faith in the providers at Mercy.”

Joy began her recovery in the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services program at Ascension Mercy because there was no wait and she could get in right away to start with the smallest of exercises in the new facility.

The cardiac rehab space was renovated and updated three years ago, doubling the space available for our patients and providers because of donor generosity to the Foundation.

Joy added, “ When you are the most vulnerable in your life, you want to start recovering as soon as you are able, even if it means starting with the smallest of exercises. Now I drive myself to my appointments and the entire journey has been such a positive experience. It is because of the staff who provide high quality care and the welcoming space.”

Today, Joy is healthy and is enrolled in the health and wellness program to keep up with routine workouts at Ascension Mercy. She will tell you that her rehab and the quality of care she received has made a lasting impact in her life.

To watch Joy’s video story, please click here.



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