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Patients receive lifesaving care

In 2023, Ascension Wisconsin provided advanced neurological care to more than 4,173 patients. One of those patients was Tom.

One patient’s stroke journey

When Tom suffered a stroke in December 2022, he was rushed to the emergency department at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s - Milwaukee Campus.

After Tom was discharged from Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, he received speech, physical and occupational therapies at the residential center in Ascension Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Hospital for two weeks. He then attended outpatient rehab twice a week after his stay.

Today, Tom is healthy and fully recovered. Recently, he reached out to Ascension Wisconsin Foundation to thank his providers for their incredible care and make a gift in their honor.

Tom shares why he gives back

“I was treated very well by all my Ascension Wisconsin providers throughout my procedures and rehabilitation. I especially want to thank and acknowledge the Ascension Sacred Heart rehab specialists who guided and supported me through my recovery,” Tom said.

“Their knowledge, skill, patience and caring was so appreciated. I continue to receive care from Dr. Mitchell Carneol and Dr. Harrison Gimbel along with their office staff. I thank them deeply for the care they provided and wanted to show my appreciation with a gift to the Foundation.”

Tom shared his gratitude for the care provided by his Ascension Wisconsin caregivers and the many people whose support he feels was critical.

“Their advanced knowledge in the various specialties really helped me throughout my treatments. They really cared about me as a person, helped me improve and made me feel good about myself. Thank you.”

Every person has a story on what drives them to make a difference. We know you have a story, too. If you would like to share your 'why' please contact us at We would love to hear from you!



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