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A journey to lifelong wellness

No weight loss journey is the same, and everybody’s path to wellness is different, filled with challenges and takes a high level of dedication.

Becky Dorn, a patient at Ascension NE Wisconsin St. Elizabeth Campus, has successfully lost over 125 pounds after undergoing weight loss surgery. She started her weight loss journey with chair exercises but has now progressed to resistance training and multiple cardio modalities.

Becky has been hard at work with Karel Ochs, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, at Ascension St. Elizabeth in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services.

“Becky no longer uses a walker and has improved her balance with well rounded exercise," Karel said. “Becky has shown great enthusiasm and dedication in her wellness journey.”

The road to losing more than 125 pounds has not been easy, but Becky credits the staff at Ascension St. Elizabeth for keeping her focused and on track.

“I have faced a lot of challenges in my journey, but I am most thankful for the support from the team involved in the bariatric program and the care I received from all of the staff,” Becky said.

Thanks to donor support, patients like Becky will be able to start the path to wellness.

With donor generosity, the Foundation was able to purchase more than $13,000 worth of bariatric exercise and rehabilitation equipment.

“With the new bariatric exercise equipment, more patients will have the ability to achieve a successful weight loss journey,” said Robyn West, Regional Supervisor for the Fox Valley Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services. “This equipment is needed for those that are just starting their journey in wellness and it will help them live a healthy, sustainable life as they work to lose weight.”

The department is currently enrolling new patients in their bariatric surgical and non-surgical weight management programs. The programs help patients in learning healthy lifestyle choices and lifelong exercise routines.

“This new equipment will allow us to safely accommodate the bariatric population,” Karel said. “With the proper equipment, our bariatric program can be an even greater success with all our patients feeling comfortable to exercise here.”

Robyn added, “With the three new pieces of equipment recently purchased, all patients regardless of size or limitations due to health conditions are able to exercise and receive a personalized exercise prescription.”

We can now better serve all patients and can safely accommodate the bariatric population because of donor support.

The journey to wellness isn’t easy, and helping patients find lifelong weight loss success is critical in their overall wellbeing. Thank you, donors, for making this possible.


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