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Amy spent much of her life raising funds to support massages for patients at Ascension Wisconsin's Reiman Cancer Center. Now, she is a patient herself and has experienced the first-hand impact of the disease and the exceptional care at Reiman. Watch Amy's story — a story of courage, faith and strength — to learn more about the impact of Ascension Wisconsin Cancer Care.

While most of the world has resumed normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, our associates are still experiencing the lasting impacts physically, mentally and spiritually. Every day, we are proud to support our exceptional providers that make personalized, compassionate care possible. Watch our provider recognition story to understand what providers went through and what drives them to still be here today.

Safe Place for Newborns works to provide education, awareness and support around Wisconsin's Safe Haven Law which allows parents to safely relinquish their newborn within 72 hours while remaining anonymous. Had Breanna known about this law, her baby may still be here today. While Breanna's story is different than others, she is a strong advocate of Safe Place for Newborns and wants to help parents know there is a way to safely relinquish their baby. 

When Joy needed cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack, she had no doubt in her mind that she wanted to go to Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus. Donor support has made it possible to expand the rehabilitation space and Joy's providers quickly turned into close friends. Watch Joy's story to learn more about cardiac rehabilitation services at Ascension Mercy.

After suffering a miscarriage, Maria and her husband were joyed to find out that they were expecting again. After a fairly normal pregnancy, Heather was induced on Labor Day at 31 weeks. Today, Maria is an advocate for Ascension NE Wisconsin - St. Elizabeth Campus and an Ascension Wisconsin Foundation Board Member. Watch Maria's story to learn about the care she received and how Elia is doing today.

Heather struggled with addiction for nearly a decade. After an overdose in 2018, Heather discovered she was pregnant and soon signed up for the Women of Worth program at Ascension All Saints Hospital. Today, Heather is five years sober and a champion powerlifter. Watch Heather's story to learn about Women of Worth and how it helps women to live a health, sober life.

Ascension Wisconsin's Cancer Prevention and Wellness program works to prevent cancer before it happens through routine appointments, imaging, testing and lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, cancer can not always be stopped. Watch Kara's story to learn about how cancer impacted her and how her care has made a lasting impact on her life.

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